therese lawrence jewelry

one of a kind, hand made, sterling silver jewelry

and the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
— anais nin

About Me

My name is Therese Eisenhaur Lawrence. I specialize in creating wearable art made of unique stones and sterling silver. I am originally from Boston, Massachusettes and am now based in Spring, Texas. 

My pieces all represent memories and are expressions of emotions, periods of time, flashes of thought, and slivers of my dreams. Infused with natural influences, I put my heart and soul into each creation.

100% Unique

I want my customers to stand out in the best way possible. I want them to feel the best they can while wearing my pieces and, because of that, I strive to create more than just jewelry; I want to create feeling.

All of my pieces are 100% unique. Each piece is hand crafted, sawed, set, textured, and polished. Every piece of therese lawrence jewelry is different in its own way.

Custom Pieces

I am available to discuss custom pieces to compliment what is right for you. I do my best to work with clients to bring their ideal piece to life. I also work with clients to create more specialized pieces for holidays, birthdays, wedding gifts, etc.

Get in touch with me through the "Contact" page so we can chat about your next custom piece.